#Lifehacks: Wardrobe Edition

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With warmer months and brighter days up ahead, it’s no doubt that many of your wardrobes will soon be going through a transformation. Putting away winter clothes, buying more tees, and dropping off some of those ugly sweaters to the local Goodwill are all likely in your futures. We all know this can get messy sometimes. In order to help you keep your closet clean and functional, I’m going to share a few tips and tricks I use to help organize my clothes.

  • Hang only the bare necessities. I only hang clothes that I wear frequently (at least once every month or two). If you have clothes that you haven’t touched in over four months, you either need to get rid of them or put them away.
  • Use mostly all white hangers. This is not only aesthetically appealing, but it also helps your closet look neater. Without the clutter of wooden, metal, and brightly colored plastic hangers thrown into the mix, it makes it easier to focus on the more important things in your closet: clothes.
  • Use colored hangers to represent something. I have a blue hanger to let me know if I’ve worn something once already, just to let me know that it definitely needs to be washed after the next time I put it on. I have a few copper hangers as well to help me find outfits I’ve planned for the week. If you don’t have any colored or varied hangers, you can simply turn the hangers to face the opposite direction.
  • Organize by the details. I go a bit overboard on this. My closet is organized by article type, color, sleeve length, functionality, and a variety of other factors. Obviously, you don’t have to be this extreme, but at the very least you should organize by color. I used to struggle to find certain shirts or jackets in my closet but after I color-sorted them I haven’t ran into this issue. I also organize by article type. My current structure is pants –> button downs –> polos –> short-sleeve tees –> long-sleeve tees –> hoodies –> jackets/coats. It may seem a little extra but, trust me, it makes a difference.

There are so many more tricks and tips out there to help keep your closet organized. Some people incorporate coke tabs, binder clips, and wall hooks to help keep their clothing on track. For most of us though, the four simple hacks above should work well enough. If nothing else, they’ll get you started on your road to recovery. This means no more mornings spent frantically searching through your closet for that sweater that’s gone MIA!