Tuesday Tunes 3/21/17

By Austin

This week doesn’t really have a specific theme, but I have several songs that I recently discovered and have been listening to over and over and over, so I thought I would share those with you. It’s a mix of moods and genres, so I’m sure you’ll love at least one of them! Leave a comment letting me know which is your favorite!


Tuesday Tunes 3/7/2017

By Bradford

This Tuesday we’re giving you a list of some of the best covers to some of the best songs out there. Most of these songs are laid-back and heavily acoustic, as a large majority of covers tend to be. Some major cover artists like Boyce Avenue and the cast of Glee  made the list, but other original artists such as Misterwives and Sam Smith also found their way to the playlist.

Go ahead and give it a listen and be sure to let us know if you have any covers that have a special place in your heart!



Tuesday Tunes 2/28/17

By Austin

Let’s be honest, all of us have those songs that we love to sing at the top of our lungs when we’re alone in the car. This week’s playlist is a compilation of the songs that I turn up all the way and sing so loud you can hear me from outside the car. This playlist is a little different than our past Tuesday Tunes, because it is comprised of a variety of genres and moods. I hope you like it!

Let me know in the comments what songs you sing loud and proud in the car!

Tuesday Tunes 2/21/17

By Bradford

This week’s edition of Tuesday Tunes is guilty pleasures. We’ve all got them…those songs we would never admit we actually enjoy, yet, despite our strongest attempts to suppress it, we do. The songs on my list are either simply trash, completely outdated, or sung by someone who was never meant to be in the music industry, (*cough*  Hilary Duff *cough*) Either way, I still rock out to them way more often than I’d care to admit. So go ahead and hit that play button, folks. Listen, cringe, and judge your way right through my playlist of the best worst songs of all time.

Find yourself listening to certain songs on the lowest possible volume setting so no one catches you? Let us know in the comments what songs are your guilty pleasures!


Tuesday Tunes 2/14

By Austin

Ah, Valentine’s Day. A day that some people swoon over and others loathe. No matter your feelings about the holiday, love songs are something we can all appreciate! As the hopeless romantic I am, I couldn’t help but to make this Tuesday Tunes playlist a mixture of some of my favorite love songs to go along with the Valentine’s Day spirit.

I’m a sucker for sappy love songs, so if you have any songs you would’ve added to this list, please leave them in the comments! Have a great Valentine’s Day, whether you’ll be going on a romantic date or watching Netflix alone (which is probably what I’ll be doing).

Tuesday Tunes 2/7/17

By Bradford

In stark contrast with last week’s playlist, this week’s edition of Tuesday Tunes is going to be centered around feel good songs. These songs are meant to serve as pick-me-ups to get you through the rest of this week. Some have advice-ridden, positive messages like “Anything Could Happen” and “Never Give Up,” while others simply have catchy and energizing beats. Be sure to add any of these songs that you like to your own music libraries!

Have a song that helps YOU get through the week or always puts you in a good mood? Feel free to share songs you think should have been on this playlist in the comments! Thanks for visiting and Happy Tuesday, folks!

Tuesday Tunes 1/31/17

By Austin

Tuesday Tunes is going to be a segment that we post every Tuesday with a Spotify playlist of all the songs we’ve been obsessing over recently. Typically, each playlist will follow a specific theme or mood. Hopefully these posts will help you find some new artists!

My music taste tends to lean toward songs that my friends describe as “songs that make you want to cry yourself to sleep,” which is extremely melodramatic in my opinion. Yes, I tend to like more melancholy music, but for its musicality and lyrics. So this playlist will be some of my favorite “sad” songs that are great for a rainy day or when you want some chill background music. Enjoy!