My Favorite Blogs, Bloggers, & Websites

For me, reading blogs is just as essential as my morning cup of coffee. I like to stay as up-to-date as possible on the latest fashion trends, news scandals, and health kicks and, to do that, I try to visit a selective list of websites daily. Here’s a compilation of my personal favorites and recommendations for those who are looking to become a little more well-read.


fashion beans

Fashion Beans:

Stupid name, amazing website. This British-based blog adds content pretty regularly, posts about a variety of style and fashion-related topics, and is always spot on with tips and advice to upgrade your wardrobe game. An added bonus is that the website has a “Street Style” section with real people, wearing real streetwear, which is great anytime you’re looking for inspiration that’s not as crazy as the runway.

scout sixteen

Scout Sixteen:

Ran by media mogul and Instagram celebrity Justin Livingston, Scout Sixteen features short, sweet, and to-the-point posts. Also, Justin’s photo editing skills are astounding and leave me envious every single time. This is a great spot to find outfit ideas and discover trends hot and on the rise.


valet magValet Mag:

This one is hands-down my favorite blog. I read the “Morning Report” nearly every morning and I use the “Personal Shopper” feature to find some of the hottest deals on the web. You could stay on this blog for hours without getting bored (and that’s no exaggeration). Posts range from style to food to travel to pop culture.
cool material

Cool Material: 

This website features exactly what you think it would: cool material. Aimed more towards men, you’ll find great articles on restaurants, music, fashion, and things to buy. Speaking of things to buy, the Cool Material shop has several neat and low cost items worth purchasing.



Great for mouth-watering recipes and helpful workout ideas, Greatist is well put-together and categorized into topics like food, fitness, body, and life. Great reads, recipes, and real life advice. What more could you ask for in a health blog?


Sometimes, to find what you’re looking for, all you have to do is add .com. features posts not only about food and fitness but also about mental health and well-being. Often backed with recent studies or personal experiences, this website is always an educational read.



This one can be hit or miss. Sometimes, the articles are incredibly vague and irrelevant, sometimes they’re incredibly profound and thought-provoking. It really all depends. If you don’t mind to do some digging and to practice a little patience, this website might just help you find a new tip to simplify your life.
brain pickings

Brain Pickings: 

Geared more toward the intellectual, Brain Pickings is for those of you who don’t mind doing a little extra reading.  I’ve found some great articles on here about what made geniuses so smart, what healthy habits create pathways to success, and how artists manage to remain inspired. Definitely worth the read if you’ve got the time!

Let us know in the comments if you have any other blogs or websites you think people should know about!


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