My Favorite Instagram Accounts

By Austin

If you didn’t know, I am currently dealing with an addiction that I have been struggling with for years; my addiction to Instagram. By the way, you should follow me (@austinrutland ). Sorry for the shameless self promo. Instagram is by far my favorite app on my phone. I have always enjoyed photography, and while I’m obviously not a pro photographer by any means, I love having a platform to post my photos in a modern, organized way. One of my favorite aspects of Instagram is engaging with other accounts, and discovering some really talented and creative people. So this post will dedicated to a few of my favorite Instagram accounts that I follow avidly.


Everett Williams @everettwillams

Everett Williams is a lifestyle and men’s fashion blogger, and has a pretty sizable following on Instagram, rightfully so. His photos normally show his outfits, daily life, and travels. The best part of his account is the quality of his photos. He never posts a picture that is anything less than great quality. He also maintains regular engagement with his followers, which I always enjoy in a blogger.


Justin Livingston @justinliv

Justin Livingston’s account is probably my favorite Instagram account of all, which is a big deal for me to say. I wish I could hire whoever takes photos of him to follow me around on a daily basis and take photos of me. Accounts that are mostly dedicated to style are my favorite, and Justin’s definitely does that, with photos of coffee and the city sprinkled in. Plus he’s just adorable. What more could you ask for?


Lauren Elizabeth Luthringshausen @laurenelizabeth

A close second to my addiction to Instagram is my addiction to YouTube. I subscribe to so many people that I constantly have new videos to watch. Lauren Elizabeth is a youtuber that I have been following for a long time, and I am just as obsessed with her Instagram as I am with her YouTube channel. Not only is she gorgeous and one of the few women that would turn me straight, she also lives in LA, which is a city I love to see photos of and have dreamed of living in. My obsession with her account may be slightly biased by my love for her videos, but I’m sure you will appreciate her posts as well.



Yummertime is an account run by easily the most adorable gay couple on the entire planet, Brock and Chris. They are both quite attractive, and their pastel-themed feed just makes you smile. I’m a sucker for cute couples, and the Yummertime account is no exception. They also have their own website (, which I’m obsessed with. Hot men plus great style plus a pretty Instagram feed equals a happy Austin.


Drew Scott @imdrewscott

I think the main thing that attracts me to Drew Scott’s feed is his edgy wardrobe. He is definitely not afraid to be experimental with his fashion, which is something I admire. His feed also goes with a neutral color theme, which I love the look of. I’m sure you can tell by now that my favorite accounts are typically style accounts. But can you blame me? I can only aspire to be as stylishly independent as Drew.


I hope you guys check out these accounts, and please leave a comment if you know of any accounts I might enjoy! I always love finding new accounts to obsess over.


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