5 Men’s Wardrobe Essentials

By Austin

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Whether you are looking to revamp your wardrobe or build a new style from scratch, I have a few tips and essential pieces that will help to give you variety and versatility in your wardrobe. This will be mainly focused toward men’s fashion, but some pieces are unisex-based and can be applied to women’s fashion as well.

The key to building a strong wardrobe is to have a solid foundation of basic pieces, and to then add more specialized pieces that fit with a specific look or time of year. So to start, let’s look at the essential basics that every man should have in his closet.


Solid T-Shirts

This may seem like a boring option, but solid t-shirts are great basic pieces that can be used year-round. The advantage to having a variety of solid t-shirts is that you can pair them with jeans and sneakers or boots for a casual outfit, or layer them with a blazer or detailed jacket, and add chinos or trousers on bottom for a more upscale look.

While you can pick up a solid t-shirt at any clothing outlet you can think of, make sure to choose shirts that fit well and are made with a decent quality of fabric. I know you may be inclined to purchase the cheapest option, but low quality can take away from the classic look of a solid t-shirt.

Purchasing neutral colors, like white, black, and navy, will allow you to cover a wide variety of outfits and looks. The two main styles of solid t-shirts are crew neck and v-neck. The v-neck is designed to give the neck a longer appearance, so if you have a shorter neck, I would recommend choosing v-neck shirts over crew necks.

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A Wide Variety of Jeans

Jeans are an obvious staple in any kind of style and wardrobe, but where some people fall short is the lack of variety in terms of wash, style, and fit. When looking at wash, light washes tend to give a more casual look, while darker jeans can be used to create a more classy look. Recently, there has been a rise in popularity with black jeans, as well. I would recommend having at least one light wash, one dark wash, and one black pair of jeans. This will give you a basis to a variety of outfits. If you are a slim or regular build, slim fit jeans will most likely best suit your body. If you are of a larger build, straight fit jeans will give you a proportional fit.

Some brands that offer a good balance between price and quality are Levi’s, Uniqlo, Gap, and ASOS.


Leather/Denim Jackets

I put these two types of jackets in the same category because they are both classic pieces and can be utilized in similar ways to make an outfit stand out. While they have a very different look from one another, many times they can be used interchangeably. There has been an increase in popularity of leather and denim jackets recently, with a rise in more classic pieces. They are both extremely versatile, and much like a bomber jacket, they can quickly give a basic outfit an upscale look. There are a variety of stores that sell leather and denim jackets, but is important to make sure you choose one that is relatively high quality, because you will most likely be able to wear it for years. Stores that offer a higher-quality selection that still aren’t outrageous for a staple piece like a leather or denim jacket include Zara, Topman, and ASOS.


White Sneakers

These are a well-known wardrobe essential for both men and women, and undoubtedly deserve a spot on this list. White sneakers can be extremely versatile, and match 99% of outfits. They are easy to find and comfortable. What’s not to love? I already have white Adidas Superstars and white high-top Converse, but I am currently searching for a pair with a little more edge. You can find white sneakers at practically any shoe outlet, but the popular options are Adidas, Nike, and Converse.


A Statement Piece

I realize that this is a pretty broad category. However, I think that statement pieces can vary widely from man to man, so I decided to make it more open to personal preference. A statement piece is a piece of clothing that is unique and draws the eye, and is often the focal point of an outfit. My favorite statement piece that I own is undoubtedly my black Coach backpack. Some argue that a bag isn’t technically part of an outfit, but I disagree. I bought this bag when I was living in Chicago over the summer, and it is definitely my pride and joy. (Don’t worry, it was on sale, so I didn’t spend an outrageous amount on it.) I tend to wear a lot of black and neutral-colored clothing, so this bag goes with almost every outfit I wear regularly.


Other common statement pieces are detailed jackets or patterned shirts and pants. This may seem a little hard to shop for if you are just starting to revamp your wardrobe, but trust me, you will know it when you see it.


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